Q1 Update on the 2009 resolutions

Since I decided this year to create New Years resolutions I also need to report back on them. You haven't reminded me yet, but the results are shocking.
  • I don't know if I've become more efficient, all I know is that I'm more busy than ever and even spend more time working than ever.
  • Work on fitness and health... really disappointing! I've only become heavier, I've been sick twice and without drastic measures I won't get anywhere.
Image credit: Mike Scullen 

I guess, dramatic results that need drastic measures.
  • I need to spend less time on the computer and more time in the gym. I will, at least for a while, reduce the time I spend on Twitter, Blogging and other Social Networking.
  • I need to stop eating anything else than regular and modest meals. 
Help me by reminding me... I need your support.


Well,I think you did do well on some other topics:
Spend more time doing other things than work & Go out more => you already had several vacation trips
Video Blog => you aleady made some videos (for example http://www.aadjemonkeyrock.com/search/label/Microsoft)

So it is not all that bad :-)

I did want to include the first appearance of your video:

Leadershape training is good to be off-line. All the diners in this week are not so good but go for jogging on the beach every morning before the program starts. That's possible if you decide to go on time to bed.

natural for execs to put on weight, makes it easier for us not-execs to recognise the boss.

i guess there's a way, hold meetings in the gym.

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