Leadershape, The Day After

This morning I returned home from Leadershape, an Exact training program. It was an eventful week in Noordwijk aan Zee, Netherlands with 40 colleagues from all over the world.

Image credit: Necromundo 

During the whole week I went completely silent on all my email, twitter and social media activities. Several people already started to worry, thank you for that, but it was completely intentionally. The open, honest, caring and sharing atmosphere didn't leave room for additional contacts. Right now I don't feel like sharing about the event yet, but will do that in the next few weeks.

So as of today I'm back into the world. Since my blog readers dropped dramatically I will work on more content and resume my other social networking activities again. It's great to be back!



Hi Aad,

Alt least you have one more follower of your blog since Leadershape :)

...and after reading about the motherboard failure misery I bought a MacBook Air, with 3 years of guarantee. Good price in Canada, thanks to the strong Euro. Now Apple should really split the bill with you, right? --Martijn

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