Exact and Unified Communications

In the last few weeks I receive a lot of inquiries on Unified Communications (UC). The main reason is the video that is embedded below or can be found on Vimeo. A little more information behind the video is necessary, continue reading after the video.

Exact Research participated in the Microsoft Technology Adoption Program (TAP) for Office Communication Server (OCS) 2007 R2. The video shows a proof of concept web community that allows people to collaborate in a more efficient way. We choose a web community, because the real value of the web and SaaS solutions are the increased collaboration capabilities. Increased efficiency in collaboration requires, among many other things, efficient communication the area where we see a bright future for unified communications, but just as new technology to replace traditional voice communications. Especially the presence and instant messaging are critical for success, because that is what helps to bridge generations. However this notice of presence and IM between people of different organizations also introduces many new legal, privacy and technical challenges.

We continue our research work on innovative collaboration solutions, while at the same time bring achieved results so far into our current product portfolio.



Hi Aad,

nice video, great functionality. In the software you were able to see the status of a person. clicking on this, there were multiple option, of which Sanja shows one. What er the other two options here?

thanks, Martin


The available features depends on the OCS configuration. The goal is to integrate thru the web and to make OCS features available


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