Back to Business

I just returned from a week snowboarding in the Swiss Alps. It was excellent, good snow, lots of sunshine and surprising little work. Today on the way back Mervi said: You didn't work a lot this week! This proved that I did a good job in slowing down... Now it's time to catch up again.

While I was having fun, of course the world kept turning. On the day I left my presentation from the Exact Partner Conference got featured on the SlideShare home page (at page 4 at this time of writing). I'm pretty proud of that. You can also find the presentation here. During the week I gained some Twitter followers and maintained reasonably well my blog visits even without any new content.

Now it's time to deal with some not urgent emails, catching up on some news, pickup my Twitter conversations again and back to work...


good looking snow.

nice getting a message from slideshare; i have 2 albums front page spotlighted, feels good to know you're in fashion.

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