The Revolution of Social Software

A while back I wrote about the Evolution of Software. It was about the evolution of the PC era into the community web era.  Lately I've been working on a revision of this model. It's no longer a evolution, but a revolution of Social software.

Image: Blakes 7 

The revised model uses only 3 time frames, each with their own characteristics, describing the transformation from Transactions thru Processes to Social.

85-95 - Transactions95-05 - Processes05-?? - Social
Automation of paper formsOptimizing the business
e.g. Accountinge.g. CRM
Initiated by Tier-1 companiesInitiated by Consumers
Internal focusExternal focused
Generation XGeneration Y
Efficiency & ProductivityEmotional

The model now clearly shows the big change that is happening when adopting Social Software. It's a new generation that requires an external focus and needs to deal with emotion instead of practical to measure efficiency and productivity.

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