Brainstorm - Out of the Bank

In the winter months I go on most thursdays to the gym and meet there with a regular group of people. It's a special group, because it's outside the regular hours and everybody knows each other personally. First we work on our fitness and afterwards enjoy a drink. The majority of the group works in banking business and likes to make fun of my 'social computing' activities.

However the remark: Just Google me... did start the following process. One of the guys searched for me and was surprised about the amount of information I was sharing. He found some of my presentation material and actually asked if he could use some for his own purposes. He used it successfully and this resulted into a question if I could deliver a short presentation during an employee brainstorm at the bank he is working. I delivered the presentation 4 times over the last weeks and now it's here for you to enjoy (It's in Dutch however).

Your feedback on the presentation is appreciated... and feel free to embed it in your own publications.


a lot of first letters disappeared in the slides.

Excuse for the disappearing letters.. They have gone missing while uploading to Slideshare... I'm contacting them to find the cause of the problem


Curious to see what the attendees are going to blog about the sessions you hosted ;-)

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