Pokens - and the Winner is?

A while ago I initiated a competition to win a Poken. The competition was followed up with a nice video, and today I announce the winners. The competition was simple, but I was a bit disappointed with the level of interest. Many people thought they could just get away with a simple retweet, but that was really not enough. For that reason I've reduced the number of winners to 3, because they really put some effort in the competition.
1. Eric van der Palen, the first to retweet and was very innovative by using Hyves to spread the message.
2. Sjoerd Blauw, the first outside my direct network to retweet... Well done!
3. André van de Graaf, wrote a nice blog post about the experiment.

All well done... if the winners send me a Twitter Direct message with their shipping details, I will make sure you receive your Poken as soon as possible

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