Do you poken?

Today I got my first set of pokens. For those that haven't heard of pokens yet go and check out Poken - Official website and Poken: The Future of Social Networking?

Since I got 10 extra Pokens I want to give them away to people interested. How can you participate in getting one of the pokens:
  1. Subscribe to this blog, I trust you on this!
  2. Follow me on Twitter 
  3. Retweet exactly this text: RT @aadjemonkeyrock: Passion for Innovation is awesome!
  4. Drive trafic to this blog, some tips

    1. Write something good about me in your own blog
    2. Digg, Stumble or whatever me
    3. ... or be creative...
The winners will be announced after sufficient increase of traffic.... You all have fun!


    Done. What is 'sufficient' . Can you tell us EXACTly what that means?

    When is the competition closed? To generate traffic it will take time. Question now is do we have enough time?

    To give answer on the questions when the competition will end... There are 2 criteria that both need to be completed before the winners will be announced:
    - A new record number of visitors on a single day
    - A new record of visitors in the last 7 days..


    Hmm... this looks like an email-bomb attempt ;-)

    - Werner

    Well, I've tweeted it, and I've subscribed to the feed... So when do we know the winners?

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