Windows 7 - First Impressions

Are you fed up and frustrated with Windows Vista?

I am, Windows Vista just never works. All I need is a PC that can surf the web and I can occasionally use to download music and edit pictures. The key troubles are resume from sleep and internet connectivity. I recently solved most problems by buying a MacBook for my girlfriend, so at least she can work and I don't have to troubleshoot anymore. This resulted in the 'Home' Vista PC not to be used anymore. Actually I sort of forgot about the troubles. Until, I just wanted to edit a few pictures. First I needed to reboot to get an internet connection and than I refused to add tags to the images. All I got was 'Unknown Error'.. WTF.

Ok, I had reached the limit and decided to download Windows 7 and upgrade. I had nothing to loose, because the current situation wasn't working either. The download was quick, it's all over the place and I decided to upgrade the current machine. I took a long time, the 'This can take a few minutes' messages turned out to be hours.. but the result was excellent. Everything was nicely migrated, the feel was quick and snappy. The few applications that I use seem to work, except for connecting to other machines in my home network, but this got solved by rebooting once again.

I've been working with Windows 7 for a few hours and I have to say, this Beta is already heaps better than Vista ever was (and probably will be). Well done Microsoft.. There are a few issues that are bugging me, Microsoft you are confusing me... Try to keep stuff simple..
  • What are accelerators? Actually I don't need to know..
  • What is the idea behind Libraries?
  • How to I get rid of this Homegroup thing? Right click - Delete doesn't seem to work..
Further there are of course some smaller bugs and incompatibilities. Microsoft if you are reading this, please supply me with a Product Key so I can give some additional feedback.


Win XP still outperforms any new Windows version imho :) Never bothered to upgrade my home pc to Vista and still very happy about it!

I now Microsoft has taken performance seriously... otherwise they will loose the battle for the NetBook. You also might want to check out:

Aad that looks promising... now let's see what they make of it in the final ;) I can remember working with XP betas which were much faster than the final XP release.

Nice to hear that the first impression is ok. That sounds promising, but I hope it will work always. We will know after a few weeks.

I'm very curious to try. Seems that it's easier to find it for download now.

Will try install it on Parallels Desktop and see how it goes :)

You give some hope. I will never install Vista again.

My MacBook Pro has Vista bootcamp. I boot either MAC or Windows. Much preferring the MAC.

My Vista productivity is continually interrupted fluid working with preachy pop up Windows. On the go, the worst Vista feature is the Wifi. The MAC seemlessly hops between one open Wifi station and another. Vista waits for manual configuration, often ending up stuck. This my experince on same machine.

Please Microsoft pay attention!

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