How I use location based services

A while ago I wrote about how I use Twitter and how you can follow me on my Lifestream. This time I'll share how I started to use some location based services and applications.

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I started out with Yahoo's Fire Eagle, but by itself it's not really useful. As with so many services, ease of use is again the differentiator. Manually updating your location if you are moving around is just too much of a hassle.

Next service to try was Dopplr... I love it.. I can keep track of my trips and can plan them for the future. The FriendFeed and Facebook integration nicely informs my friends. This already saved me once when my coworkers thought I disappeared, although I was just on a business trip. I look forward to my annual travel report.

The iPhone changed the ease of use for location based applications. My favorite Twitter application is Twinkle, because it's nice to find people near you.  However I'm becoming more and more a fan of Brightkite. Especially the iPhone application is nice for making location based notes and photos. Brightkite also has nice Facebook and Twitter integration to update your friends of your whereabouts.

However, all these services are only cool if you go somewhere... Lets see what trips come up in 2009



Agree that BrightKite is a nice app

I have been comparing three location based apps on for the iphone - brightkite, loopt and zhiing.

I haven't figured out how to integrate brightkite with facebook and twitter. I did with Loopt, and found that a little more intuitive. Zhiing is a little different, it's not really for social networking at all, but it's great for giving and getting directions.

My blog is at if you're interested in more about location based apps.



Thx... I had a quick look, but unfortunately both Zhiing and Loopt are US only... a bit difficult for me in Europe..



You can set up Brightkite sharing to Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr by visiting your Account Settings on the web and clicking the "Sharing" tab.


Have you got set up with a Fire Eagle updater? Because without one of the updaters, clearly you're not going to have much fun with it.


You are absolutely right.. with Fire Eagle updated regularly it's a lot cooler..


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