How I keep track of all my services

I've already written how I use FriendFeed to aggregate all my services into a live stream. You probably have already seen on my About page the different services I use. How did I do this?

I keep track of all my services with 'Retaggr' It allows you to create a profile, register and store all you services in a central place and gives you heaps of possibilities to use this in various ways, some examples are:

1. A profile card to show anywhere. The card can be customized to your needs.

2. A profile page that shows all your information in a central page.

3. An embed able profile button:

4. Widget to use in you blog as I did on my About page.

5. A cool a Add Me button. Feel free to click the button.

I really like this Retaggr - The Definite Online Profile. You can read more at the Retaggr Blog

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