The evolution of my RSS usage

Today I spoke to my employers legal responsible. He told me that he had been extensively reading my blog. Oops... did I write something wrong? No nothing of that at all, but he did refer to my post about RSS being for everyone. He didn't understand anything about RSS at all! I guess RSS still far from mainstream and I probably have to write another post to explain. But now I first write how important RSS has become for me.

I was and early adopter of Google Reader, it was actually the first Google tool I adopted for mainstream work. Later I also move my email to GMail and write everything in Google Docs. Google is great, all my information always accessible, anywhere, anytime. I don't like client tools, because I use too many different computers to access my information.

At first I was just following a few RSS feeds and I would occasionally check my reader for new articles. This changed with the adoption of iGoogle and a Google Reader gadget on my homepage. Now I could see new articles immediately and I noticed how convenient this was. It became very easy to scan thru the articles and read what was interesting. The new canvas view of iGoogle improved on this even further.

Since it had become so easy, I started to add more and more RSS feeds and today scan uncountable number of articles. I try to read most articles immediately and share interesting articles so they show up in my lifestream. Sometimes I need more time to read and want to safe them for later. I use the 'star' functionality for this purpose. For me 'starred'  articles is a 'still to be processed list'. This works for me very well.

RSS feeds do not necessary have to be related to websites or blogs, but can also be the result of searches. For instance I've a few Twitter searches that return Tweet with certain criteria directly into my reader. I also like the social feature that the shared items of your gmail chat buddies appear in Google Reader.

Now my daily routine starts with checking overnight Tweets in TweetDeck and scanning for interesting articles in Google Reader. This with a fresh espresso makes a perfect breakfast.


Just for some other perspective on this, an interesting post about 'Enterprise RSS is dead', see

I like how sites with RSS comes to your RSS. reader, rather than you having to visit all your favourite www blogs.

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