Choose your product and services names carefully!

By now everybody should know that people write about you, your products and your services. Trying to fight is a lost battle, instead become aware listen and if necessary join the conversation.

I use some Google Blog searches to track the conversation around products in Exact Software. Unfortunately this is not very easy, because the product names (Exact, Globe, Synergy) are very generic and usually I only track irrelevant information.

I've included some screenshots of my Google Reader to give you an impression.

At least I'm well aware now what happened at the Golden Globes.


Aad,why not make a Google news feed on the words "Exact Globe" (so including the quotes) as well as one for "Exact Synergy". Works well for me. Disadvantage: you'll need another feed for "Golden Globe awards"....


I've considered and tested that.. but that resulted in missing many posts, because hardly anybody writes the full product names..

... and I do like Kate Winslet ;-)

@Ronald That might work if you are only looking for what's written about these products. If you however want to be notified of new articles about the company in general, you should use 'exact software' and 'exact holding', which are both word combinations that can also be used in general texts that have nothing to do with te company. The same goes for 'Exact Online', 'Exact Cubic' and Exact Financials'. Some quotes from alerts I received on my notification service this week:

"I couldn't find exact online matches"
"this has to do with exact cubic equations"
"it veries by the exact software you use"
"firms have to disclose the exact holding of funds on a daily basis"
"are we looking at the exact financials of a company?"

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