Browser Share

Yesterday I was reading about the slowly but continuesly declining market share of Internet Explorer in the Silicon Alley Insider article: Microsoft Takes Another Net Step Backwards As Global IE Share Drops To New Low. Below you see the Browser market share for Q4 2008

I work in an environment where traditionally the focus was on Internet Explorer only, just for the simple reason that our customers were on the Windows platform and Internet Explorer was the only browser they had... This is now changing, efforts are slowly moving to other platforms and browsers.. The Exact Research team is leading the pack.Out of curiosity I compared the overall statistics with the visitors of my blog (Q4 2008).

Only less than half of the visits is with Internet Explorer... I guess, my reader are also leading the pack.


What's also interesting is the screen resolution. Traditionally, we've optimized our software for 1024*786 resolution. On my blog, only 7% of the visitors uses that resolution. Width of 1280 or more, caters for more than 85%...

On my blog I have next statistics:
IE: 67%
Firefix 20%
Chrome: 4%
Safari\Mac 3%

Nice to see that the overall market share of the browsers reflects what is happening on our blog sites.

As for screen resolution( also from
1024 x 768 36.66%
1280 x 800 19.62%
1280 x 1024 12.68%
1440 x 900 8.30%
1680 x 1050 5.48%
800 x 600 4.49%
1152 x 864 2.88%
1920 x 1200 1.86%
1280 x 768 1.82%
1280 x 960 0.92%

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