Innovation in 5 minutes

Nice presentation on Innovation and why it's important.

Some nice quotes:
  • "Innovation is the profitable implementation of ideas"
  • "He who innovates will have for his enemies all those that are well off under the existing order of things, and only lukewarm supporters in those who might be better off under the new." - Niccolo Machiaveli, The Prince

Windows 7 - I can't wait!

I have to write this down, because there is not a day that I don't think about downgrading Vista to XP, and I like to use this as a reminder that soon all my Vista troubles are solved..... and I mean this seriously...

Sometimes you don't need any real innovation... you just want stuff to work.. Information dripping down from the PDC 2008 about the promise that Windows 7 will offer:

  • Faster start menu, instant response of the task bar, boot time is faster and overall more responsive
  • Reduced memory footprint, reduced disk I/O
  • Substantially improved battery life
... and if also instant on/off (stand-by) is added to this list I really look forward to the RTM release.... 

Why is this all so important? We are more and more on the move, meeting in, meeting out... on a flight, working from home... we are just more mobile... all you want to carry around is a light notebook/netbook that goes on instantly, is easy on the battery and is silent..

Can't you MS guys put the above stuff already in a Vista SP2?

Crisis or Tipping Point?

Today I received an email from Productivity Partners, the guys promoting 'a new world of work' with the question: Crisis or Tipping Point (Dutch only). 'Challenging Times and a Tipping Point' would have been a better title. Crisis is too negative, while Challenging times identifies opportunities and yes also for 'a new world of work'.

Today's financial climate requires businesses to focus on productivity and reduction of the associated costs and this same climate also makes it easier to overcome hurdles related to time and attendance and change the corporate cultures. This combined with an upcoming young workforce that is used to communicate via the web and multi-task between study, work and social activities will change the way we work!

During the current challenging times we might very well see that productivity gets a new meaning, fueling an increase in working from home, because it reduces travel costs and safes office space and thus housing costs. This of course creates an interesting opportunity for those companies that can deliver the expertise and infrastructures to facilitate communication and collaboration between the remote workers.

Are we at a Tipping Point? What do you think?

Is the financial turbulence changing how we plan and deliver?

It might be coincidence, but I notice very clearly that the turbulence at the financial markets is fueling a discussion on planning and delivery of products, just to mention a few:
All the stories focus on agility, make smaller steps, plan less and just get it out there and ask for feedback. Fueled by attempts to optimize productivity, reduction of costs, reduce investments and lower long time commitments. This is nothing new, but for many organizations the required changes were just considered too risky: 'Why change if you do alright?' Today the situation is different, there is a constant news flow indicating that change is required. 
Yes, this might be the inflection point were we do change the way we plan our lives! What is your view on this?

Productivity 2.0

About a year ago I wrote about 'corporate culture changes ' and 'busyness versus bursty' related to the ability to communicate among completely different people.

Today I read at 'zenhabits' about Productivity 2.0: How the New Rules of Work Are Changing the Game that again described that we need to break way from the past and start to do things differently..

It gave me the same feeling as a year ago.. I guess we are somehow all stuck in the past

Innovation in the home

20+ years ago in my early engineering career I worked on an advanced 'bus' system for home devices. The different devices in the home (lamps, fridge, tv, etc... ) would all connect to the 'bus' that could be controlled from a central unit. This would allow the devices to communicate with each other offering completely new capabilities. Legislation, lack of standards and other political reasons never made the project economical viable and it got abandoned.

Almost 10 years ago a young talented engineer joined my current company. We worked together on different projects until about a year ago he left to start his own business MyDomotica.

Today, while going thru some of last weeks newspapers I read a huge half page commercial for domotica. Clearly supported by MyDomotica, well done Paul...

Innovation in challenging times

A couple of days ago Jeremiah Owyang asked on FriendFeed if the economic turmoil would be good for Social Media. I and many others commented that there are many opportunities, any form of crises makes people more creative and innovative.

I'm responsible for product related research and innovation and was very interested in the PC World article: 'Are You an Innovation Sucker or Winner?'. It discusses the consequences financial turmoil on innovation. Businesses need to tighten their belts and return to their business fundamentals beginning with delivering a great value proposition. This is especially important in challenging times, because customers need to validate their investments. Innovation is required to deliver a differentiating value preposition.

In my experience the creativity is always there, but innovation is often considered risky what slows down the progress. In times of need, these risks are often valued differently, opening doors for making progress and launching innovative products and solutions. For a long time I'm an internal promotor for Social Media, but only in the past 2 days I got several questions about help with implementation!

Exact Solutions for Challenging Times

A few days ago I wrote about the huge opportunity for SaaS in today's changing world. The SaaS solutions have the ability to add significant customer value related to communication and collaboration.

Today my employer launched a new campaign: 'Exact Solutions for Challenging Times', based on exactly the same concept. The solutions offer a significant added value, that even in times of financial turmoil, can help you doing and improving your business.

No matter the state of the economy, there are always opportunities. For your, for us, lets collaborate!

The World is Changing

In the last weeks a lot is written about the financial crisis, rescue plans and the effect on business software companies. I do agree with Steve Ballmer that no one is immune to a global crisis and I also believe this might be a good opportunity for SaaS as recession-proofing Software, but there is a lot more!

Let's look at some important trends we see in the society:
  • Possible reduces spending as a result of the financial turmoil
  • Increasing oil prices
  • Terrorist threats giving us an unsafe feeling 
  • Global warming and the need to safe energy
In the last 10 years we've also seen an enormous increase in communication volume. Mobile phones and the internet were the driving technologies behind this. It started with phone calls asking: 'Where are you?' and today we aggregate all our ambient awareness in FriendFeed. All this communication was driven by the need for more social interaction, what also explains the emerge and success of social networking.

The trends in the society will result in a reduction of travel, or at least slowdown the growth curve of travel. People will work more from home, but do need social interaction. Thus the need for social interaction will only increase, meaning that future business software requires more social features. These social features should not only be among coworkers, but also among prospects, customers and partners.

The social interaction and collaboration requires to bring people together, and SaaS solutions in the cloud are the easiest way to bring people together, thus explaining the importance and huge opportunity of SaaS.