The New Exact Headquarters

Today officially the construction of the new Exact Headquarters started. There was a ceremony that unfortunately I was not able to attend, but the research team was well represented. To make sure there is a solid foundation for the building and the future of Exact the research team made sure to put the actual sources of our research work in the foundation of the building.
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Web 2.0 and the Enterprise

A few days ago I ran into the interesting presentation from Tim O'Reilly. You find the presentation later in this post. I guess many people are currently asking themselves how does Web 2.0 influence the Enterprise. Some believe Social Networks are evil and should be banned, while others see huge opportunities. I've already several times mentioned that I truly believe that a lot of the Social Networking and Community concepts will end up in the Enterprise. The key reason is simple: A business transactions is basically a social transaction... Solutions that are more social will help doing business...

Tim makes a few interesting observations:

  • People will drive collective intelligence applications
  • Data, Data, Data and more Data
  • Turn your company insight out, let users into your back-office.. (if you don't others will!)
  • It's a reality bubble!
  • It's tough to predict the future
  • Great challenge = Great opportunity
Today we live in a changing world, including financial turmoil, businesses that need to turn inside out, generational shifts... This might be scary, but is a Great Opportunity too!

Social Media

I've already written several times about communities, social computing and the fact this is on the research and innovation agenda of my team. Future business software solutions will be highly influenced by these new, currently mainly consumer, technologies.
However, these technologies alone is not enough. The world is changing and Social Media is playing an ever larger role. Me and my team also in this area require to be front runners... check my twitter and friendfeed.. and find out more of what we are doing

Ambient Awareness

Here at Exact Software I give every month a presentation to the new employees about Exact Research. In the presentation I explain what inspires the researcher and visualize the directions we think the future of business software is going. Social computing, Social networking, Communities, Software as a Services are often in one form or another passing by. The audience is usually pretty mixed in terms of age ranges, although the younger generation seems to get the overhand. This often gives interesting feedback and questions, leading to good discussions
Last week I read a nice article in the NY Times, Brave New World of Digital Intimacy. It describes pretty well the feedback and questions raised during my presentations.... For those still not sure about the trend of Social Computing, please read the article.. it gives a nice overview.. based on my experiences.

SaaS so obvious...

Last week the statements by Harry Debes about the collapse of the SaaS market have not gone unnoticed. Every respectable company dealing with or thinking about SaaS is somehow effected by the statement.. At a minimum at discussions during coffee breaks.

However, weather we like it or not.... SaaS is very obvious, it's just the next evolutionary step in business software. A few posts back I showed the evolution of Business Software with a future phase described community Web... well that will all be SaaS driven. The presentation below, especially the first part shows very nice how software becomes a utility, like electricity in the beginning of the previous century... It's just evolution.. ;-)

Web 2.0 Business Models

While reading and researching some SaaS information... I ran into this nice presentation. It gives a nice overview of Web 2.0, Social Software and how to go after the money...