Social Technographics

When promoting Social Media and Communities there are often questions and discussions about the readiness of the community. It's important to realize there are different types of community members,  something very well described by Josh Bernoff in the  presentation below

Functionality in the Community needs to reflect the different member profiles.

For those near me... I've the book in my office..

Social Media

In my research team we spend a lot of time on technology, but we do realize that the technology is boring for others and is just a prerequisite to deliver excellent user experiences. The technology by itself does not have any value, we only apply the technology to create customer value. 

Currently very much inspired by Social Media, Communities and Social networking. We are very aware that the 'MySpace' generation is becoming a more important part of the workforce in the enterprise and expects different ways of working, communicating and collaboration. 

However the decision makers are not always very aware and we continuously search for ways to communicate the message about Social Media. I like how Jerimiah Owyang writes about this, especially in his blog post: 'How to Effectively Talk to Execs and Clients about Social Media'