RSS is Cool for Non Geeks Too!

RSS Are you ever doing this:
  • Searching for news?
  • Scanning different websites for news?
  • Curious what will be written next by your favorite blogger?
  • Curious what is new in you online tools?
If you can answer yes to any of these questions you should consider adopting RSS. I will explain what you can do, but first watch the following movie from CommonCraft.

Now you know what to do:
  1. Start using an RSS Reader. I use Google Reader and I love it.. You easily find it here at Google. If you already use iGoogle, GMail or have a Google account it's super easy. Just sign-in and off you go.
  2. Subscribe to RSS feeds.  Click here to start with this blog
For those already subscribed to this blog,
  1. Thank You.. I do appreciate it.. and I hope you enjoy the content.
  2. I recommend you to use the most recent feed:
Now you are geeky cool too...


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