Microsoft GISV Briefing - Wrap Up

The last 2 days I spend at the Microsoft campus in Redmond for a briefing. The target audience were the large global ISV's. There were about 30 people representing 20 companies. It was a small group but this allowed for good discussion. Since it was an NDA event I won't disclose any details, but share some general experiences.

The content covered in slides is mainly publicly available, but the discussion went beyond that. For successful technology adoption it's necessary to have a common understanding on the business value and align the product road maps. Those that work with Microsoft will know that this is not always very easy. However Microsoft was very open in the discussion and will work on helping us to do better business.

Today no movie, because I learned that no camera's are allowed... oops.. You have to check yesterdays, that can be found in HD on Vimeo . Further I did Twitter the event, but don't expect any real news.. ;-)

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