Exact Software and Social Media

I've been writing quite a few times about Social Media. I'm not an expert, but interested in the topic and do believe companies, products and services need to embrace Social Media. Within Exact Software I've always been an evangelist of Social Media, we need to listen and embrace the users of our products and services.

It's nice to have internal discussions, but in the end it's about experimenting and learning. In the past I was not very sure if I could write about my company, but started to do this more and more. Exact Software is now one of the most used tags of my posts. Also my buddies Andre, Eric and Ronald have started to blog and be fairly open. This is a clear signal that the company is changing and I'm proud of it!

I also reported earlier on the great initiative of Exact in the Netherlands with the 'Ondernemen. Juist Nu ' community. It's not about our products and services, but it's really about information for the Small and Medium Businesses related to the economic downturn. Sharing and conversation are the main ingredients.

In the meantime the Exact Research team and the Marketing teams are working together into the next steps of user engagement. I will keep you updated on future development. We are learning and I value your feedback and comments.

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would love to have a closer look at the chart in this post, but resolution is too small.

suggest as well that in one of our next related meetings we invite the team to talk about their social media activities and experiences.


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