Exact Software and the ImagineCup

A while back I received a direct message Tweet from one of my Microsoft Twitter buddies asking if Exact Software was interested to participate in the ImagineCup 2009 (dutch), a global student technology competition focused on finding solutions to real-world issues. The timing was perfect, because just days before the tweet Exact Software signed an extensive collaboration deal with the Technical University in Delft.
I liked the idea of an additional way of working with students, because they will be extremely influential for future business software developments. Earlier in my post on Unified Communications I already wrote about the impact of Generation Y and the way they communicate. We all need to learn from them, to make sure we can offer future business solutions that match their expectations.
Today we had a dinner with Microsoft and some of the sponsors of the ImagineCup. I'm pretty excited and look forward to really get started. 
P.S. Without Twitter this would probably not have happened!

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