The Evolution of my Tweets

When I started to use Twitter (See my first Tweet) I like so many started to really tell what I was doing. In hte beginning this didn't return a lot of value, but it did help social contacts... because your 'friends' where doing the same. This added more social knowledge, especially about the people you are working with. In the workplace it also helped to increase knowledge sharing, because coworkers just had better almost real-time information of what the rest of the team was doing.

Twitter behavior over time started to change. I said I started with just telling what I was doing, but after a while I started to ask questions... and surprise, I sometimes got answers. I also figured that just telling what I was doing would not be very valuable for a larger audience. I now try to share more information and participate in more conversation. However, FriendFeed is stealing part of the conversation, just because it's easier to use for the conversation.

In my post on the evolution of my bookmarking I already explained that I started to aggregate all my services into FriendFeed. This is still the case and actually powers even my livestream. Since the aggregation I also started to experiment with other services as Jaiku. I played around, but I don't have an audience there. Likewise I started to use BrightKite, but it's actually confusing me, it's too complex.

I've also been using a variety of Twitter tools. For a long time I just used the Twitter Website, because I found it convenient. On the iPhone I tried many, but Twinkle is for me the app to use. I like the location, the people near me and not to forget the picture support. I do however use TwitPic for most pictures. Just because it's so easy to use. On the desktop I for a while used Twhirl but nowadays it's completely replaced by TweetDeck. The group, and the ability to remove read Tweets make it a easy tool to use when following larger number of people. I'm also very excited about the new upcoming TweetDeck features, because they really are what I need.. especially the sync between multiple installs. Recently I also discovered the 'TwitThis' bookmarklet, an easy way to share information.

Tell me, how has your usage involved?


Aad, interesting posting. I assume you mean 'How has your usage evolved?'

To start with Twitter: when I started using it, it was all about 'what are you doing', but now it turns more into 'what interests you' , 'what do you want to share' or 'what are you thinking about'?
Twitter on iPhone I also tried at least 4 apps, but now I stick with Twitterific in combination with Twitpic.
One thing i find Twitter less suitable for, is discussions (both starting a discussion as well as following discussions of others). For me, Friendfeed is the place for this. The integration with other social tools like Digg, Stumbleupon, Google news reader etc etc and the speed at which it retrieves all that info into 1 livestream is simply amazing. I can only have respect for their technology. More and more, I send people a link to my friendfeed rather then sending them 1 hyperlink to an interesting article I saw (analogy of 'learn a man to fish rather then giving him some food')

To organize the stream of news you get on a day, you start off with RSS feeds in your browser or Outlook but soon that becomes annoying and too much. Now, Google reader is the place for me.



Yes, the way i uses Twitter is indeed changing. It started as 'What are you doing' but currently i also uses fot other purposes like:
1) to make people aware of other interesting content on the web.
2) To trigger people with thing i'm doing which issues which can be interesting for them.
3) and of course it gives you an idea in what everybody is doing.

Gr. André

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