Enterprise 2.0 and Innovation

I love SlideShare and always find something good there.... recently I found the presentation below, it's wicked!

I can really relate to many of the observations, because they directly reflect back to my own experiences.
1. Business is about people and conversations. A statement I often use why social networking is so important. It's all about the conversation
2. Organizations need to get better at collaborating. Especially Globalization & Specialization, Consumerisation of IT and "The Google Generation" are driving this.
3. Enterprise 2.0 is already happening in your organization. We adopt because it Empowers us! it's easy, easy, easy and easy to use!
4. ... but a culture and behavior shift is required..
5. Social Software = Communication + Participation... so start to share, communicate and participate in the conversation... Comments are very welcome!

Enjoy the whole presentation and big thumbs up to the creators, check out their blog: The Content Economy

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