Ziggo Sucks

I'm well aware that this is not the place to flame a business, but there is a limit to lack of customer service and respect for your customers.

In May 2008 3 TV/Internet cable companies merged into Ziggo . The merger effected in a new name, new email addresses, but most importantly unreliable internet connections. Customer complains rose and customer services couldn't handle the increased volume. I was having problems too, about every hour I had to reset my modem. Complaints by email and phone (after waiting an hour) only resulted in remarks that it was probably my internal installation.

In June/July it became too much and I decided to switch. I moved to Alice , half of the price and hasn't been down ever since. I canceled my Ziggo account, they send me a confirmation and I returned my modem. In the months September and October I was invoiced only the amount for my TV, but in November they started to invoice again for Internet. Ziggo does not answer my email complaints and they can not be reached by phone. I'm now at the point to have my bank block the payments.

Today, the most remarkable thing happened. A lady from Ziggo on my doorstep, she had a great proposal. Since I was already having TV and Internet she could sell me additional services at a special rate. She just didn't believe me that I canceled internet 4 months ago, you are on my list...

Well this proves that not only the connectivity is a mess.. also their administration is a mess... and right now at this moment also the secure personal part of the website is down. Ziggo sucks big time

Ziggo, please fix the mess.....


André van de Graaf

Good luck in these challenging times. Try to keep smiling.

Thx, I appreciate it

Well, Tele2 isn't that good either. When I subscribed to Tele2, I got a free voucher to buy some TV on-demand. Nice gesture, but I've never used it...until 2 weeks ago when Ajax-PSV was on Tele2 paychannel. Promissed my kids they could watch it5 Minutes before kick-off of the match, selected the paychannel....please enter your pincode...pincode?WTF? Called Tele2, very friendly person on the line who assigned me pincode straight away. He told me I could use it...after two hours...sigh. Never mind, thanks anyway.

Good luck in these challenging times. Try to keep smiling.

Those guys really know how to mess thing up!

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