Is Home Automation the New Innovation?

2 weeks ago I wrote about 'Domotica ' and in the past few days I suddenly run into some other articles touching the subject of home automation. Just look at some other articles that are recently published:
I do believe that home automation will take a big step forward in the near future.

The technical evolution created significant improved devices, but didn't connect them yet. Cheap Wifi might be the next innovation driver in the home, allowing all devices to communicate with each other, creating many new possibilities. Remote access and control, but also analytics on their use. Oeps did I turn off the coffee machine? Now you can easily check and correct this from a remote location.

Besides the technical evolution there are the social developments. It might very well be so that in the future we spend more time at home, because the way we are working is changing, we in general feel less safe and we definitely like to avoid traffic. When we spend more time at home, it also makes sense to invest in the home to make it a comfortable and convenient place to be. Due to the credit crises investing in the current home is probably easier than buying a new home. 

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