Innovation Drivers for Business Software

While writing an internal paper I created a Mind Map with some relevant Innovation Drivers. Keep in mind that I focused on Business Software for the SMB market.

The mindmap is created with Mindmeister, an easy and simple online application. The mindmap is exported to an image instead of using a live mindmap, because the free version only allows me a limited number of maps.

You have anything to add?


Aad, the mind map is not visible. I see a red cross.


The image thing seems to be fixed now..


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Perry Loh

Hi Aad, I found this other online mindmapping tool which is free, easy to use and has similar features to mindmeister, it's thought i'd share.

Dale Huff

Thanks for that illustration. I like how you described the innovation drivers for business software.

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John Kruse

I've been considering different software for my business and I haven't found the most effective one. Your description of that factor helps me understand how it works.

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