Gaming meets Business Software

Every month I present to all new employees in the company what Exact Research is doing. I spend time on the current, trends and inspiration sources. Often I mention that we get inspired by the Gaming industry.

Just a few examples why this is so interesting.
1. Every 6 year old understand the game immediately, probably even better than their dads. In a non English speaking country this is even more noticeable, because most games are in English only.
2. Games don't come with extensive manuals, at best there is a leaflet describing the controls to use and nothing else. This is extraordinary because most games are pretty complex.
3. Learning is build into the product. Often before you can access a new lever or use new devices you have  to complete a 'training' program as part of the game. This makes learning more fun and you will learn on the fly.
4. Games often start to give subtle hints and directions when the player gets stuck. You can just start and depending on your skills and expertise you get help on the way. This reduces the entry level.
5. As a last point from my personal experience and I'm actually not really sure if this is real or just my perception... but it doesn't matter. For the game industry it's important that I've enjoyed the game (so I will buy the sequel) and that I reach near completion. Often I do get stuck, just because it's too difficult, but the game will sense this.. and it will use lots of Artificial Intelligence to determine when I'm going to give up... Just before reaching that level I suddenly pass the level and continue... This is extremely smart, because I feel good... I made the next step...

Today I saw a Tweet from @jowang with a nice futuristic impression on the marriage between games and cinema. Worst case: 2017 first marriage between Avatar and Human... I guess by that time the Avatar can also deal with my administration, check and process my workflow.


Surprised to learn, Seattle became the Hollywood for Gaming.

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