Cloud Computing, the new Facebook?

The above remark was made by one of my team members. I really like the speed in which the team can embrace new trends and technologies. In the last few years we quickly moved from Server Oriented Architectures, Communities, Social Computing, Software as a Service and now towards Cloud Computing.

However, the adoption of these trends in Business Software solutions goes in reality a lot slower.  Of course we see implementations, in some functional areas quicker than in others, but the above trends are definitely not mainstream. They will, but it can still be years a head of us. We need to be on top of the trends, but we also need to balance on the fine line between 'hot' trends and customer implementation 'reality'.

Cloud computing is a good example. It first requires trust before a customer will trust us with their data in a Software as a Service environment. Us putting the customers data in someone else cloud is currently a step too far. It takes patience and time!

For those who want to learn some more about cloud computing... nice video explaining..

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