Banks are Criminals

About a week ago I had a good laugh about Chris Brogan's experiences with The Bank of America . Whatever Credit Crisis, no lessons learned on customer service.

I've a similar story, I live in the Netherlands and use 2 banks, the Rabobank, for my daily banking, that offers me great service and a personal touch and the ABN-AMRO Bank just because I happen to have some stock managed by them. I've actually been too lazy to ever transfer them.

Both Banks offer Internet banking based on a little device that uses the chip in my debit card to deal with secure authentication. The system works fine, but after a while the battery on those devices run out. A few months ago this happened for my Rabobank device and with a quick phone call I learned I could pick up a new one from any of their offices. Excellent service!

Today I walked into the office of an ABN-AMRO bank to ask for a new device, because also that battery had run out. Expecting to get a new one, but the very friendly staff only answered: I can order one for you, it will be send to your home, but it will cost you 15 Euro. I was in shock, I wasn't sure if I understand well. I asked, do you mean I've to pay 15 Euro (20$) to get access to my own money? Yes, I'm sorry about that..

Of course I will not pay! I rather open a new account and let the bank go through all the additional paper work and administration and give me a new one for free. Back in the Office I filed a question, because I was actually thinking that the Bank employee wanted to rip me off! The turn around of the Internet question was reasonable, but again the message was: You can order one for 15 Euro. Some more research let me to the knowledge base of the bank told me the reason for the 15 Euro: It's a complex device with many more features... I don't want features! I want the bank to give me access to MY money!

I guess the banks get now so much government support that they start behaving like the government. Policies and Procedures, no more customer support...


WoW! Tough! I would never had paid the 15 Euro either!

Some days the whole world seems like the stage of a very detailed and maddening absurdist farce, huh???

Ridiculous! I'm glad I also have my main money business with the Rabobank, including the stock I've transferred from the ABN Amro to the Rabobank (for which the ABN Amro of course charged money)!!

LOL! 'boring is the new sexy'

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