Windows 7 - I can't wait!

I have to write this down, because there is not a day that I don't think about downgrading Vista to XP, and I like to use this as a reminder that soon all my Vista troubles are solved..... and I mean this seriously...

Sometimes you don't need any real innovation... you just want stuff to work.. Information dripping down from the PDC 2008 about the promise that Windows 7 will offer:

  • Faster start menu, instant response of the task bar, boot time is faster and overall more responsive
  • Reduced memory footprint, reduced disk I/O
  • Substantially improved battery life
... and if also instant on/off (stand-by) is added to this list I really look forward to the RTM release.... 

Why is this all so important? We are more and more on the move, meeting in, meeting out... on a flight, working from home... we are just more mobile... all you want to carry around is a light notebook/netbook that goes on instantly, is easy on the battery and is silent..

Can't you MS guys put the above stuff already in a Vista SP2?


I'm excited, too! :)

Yes, it would be great, but for Vista they promised the same. The WYSIWYG principle applies for this. Promises are nice but i can't wait till they are reality.


But this already exists with Ubuntu! I'm installing it right now on a netbook (Eee PC 1000) to give to my sister. :)

There are some custom modifications for netbooks with solid state hard drives to make them last as long as possible and also feel a little faster than usual:

Linux on the solid state hard drive boots very fast. It seems to be nice and responsive so far, even though the processor is only a little Intel atom. I like it!

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