Crisis or Tipping Point?

Today I received an email from Productivity Partners, the guys promoting 'a new world of work' with the question: Crisis or Tipping Point (Dutch only). 'Challenging Times and a Tipping Point' would have been a better title. Crisis is too negative, while Challenging times identifies opportunities and yes also for 'a new world of work'.

Today's financial climate requires businesses to focus on productivity and reduction of the associated costs and this same climate also makes it easier to overcome hurdles related to time and attendance and change the corporate cultures. This combined with an upcoming young workforce that is used to communicate via the web and multi-task between study, work and social activities will change the way we work!

During the current challenging times we might very well see that productivity gets a new meaning, fueling an increase in working from home, because it reduces travel costs and safes office space and thus housing costs. This of course creates an interesting opportunity for those companies that can deliver the expertise and infrastructures to facilitate communication and collaboration between the remote workers.

Are we at a Tipping Point? What do you think?


My 2 cents, in the USA we've reached the Tipping Point. To retain people HR organizations have comprehensive policies for people with seniority to work from home. The Crisis won't come about until the economy begins to expand, when companies will need to hire younger multi-tasking workers. The need for infrastructure for younger and older works to mix their different styles of working will llok like an non issue until business picks up.

I agree to the fact that we are on the tipping point.

Examples? Just check the four cases in this article

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