Web 2.0 and the Enterprise

A few days ago I ran into the interesting presentation from Tim O'Reilly. You find the presentation later in this post. I guess many people are currently asking themselves how does Web 2.0 influence the Enterprise. Some believe Social Networks are evil and should be banned, while others see huge opportunities. I've already several times mentioned that I truly believe that a lot of the Social Networking and Community concepts will end up in the Enterprise. The key reason is simple: A business transactions is basically a social transaction... Solutions that are more social will help doing business...

Tim makes a few interesting observations:

  • People will drive collective intelligence applications
  • Data, Data, Data and more Data
  • Turn your company insight out, let users into your back-office.. (if you don't others will!)
  • It's a reality bubble!
  • It's tough to predict the future
  • Great challenge = Great opportunity
Today we live in a changing world, including financial turmoil, businesses that need to turn inside out, generational shifts... This might be scary, but is a Great Opportunity too!

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