Social Software in the Enterprise

People often ask me what is going to be the role of Social Software in the Enterprise. I often replies that doing business requires social interaction and thus it's obvious why Social Software needs a place in the Enterprise. This is a big opportunity for software vendors, but it also changes the competitive landscape, because the traditional Enterprise Software vendors might not necessary be the most innovative Social Software vendors. 

Last week I run into an article 'The end of Software...' from Dennis Howlett. He does a much better job describing the situation and dynamics in the Enterprise that I can ever do.

Therefor I like to close as he does: we live in interesting times . 

Selecting Relevant Features

In our Research team we work based on 6 week iterations, each with a defined focus area and a focused planning. The planning is finalized in the week before the start of a new iteration, a process that often leads to interesting debates on the scope of features.
With small iterations, yes 6 weeks is still long, the scope of features need to be limited. It often requires the selection of the most important features and a minimal scope. 
In the debates however the discussion is not on what the end user minimally needs, but often deals with fantasies on what the end user potentially could need. I believe it's understandable, because this is how we are educated. We are thought to design solutions in detail, make extensive use cases and try to cover all scenarios. However I also believe we are in a shift in our industry where we need to put the end user and the community above everything else, meaning we need to listen and analyze their usage based on facts... instead of dreaming and having fantasies of their behavior. We all need to focus on the important issues, and not on fantasies.

Agile development

In the research environment at Exact Software we pay a lot of attention to Social Computing and Social Media. I've written quite a few times about these... This time I make a few remarks about something else... because all the Community software also comes with a few additional requirements... we need to listen... and need to be agile...
Agile development is a change, it's something that goes against the natural behaviors of a lot of people... Everybody is afraid to under design... but I do believe that designs are fantasies anyway... so only design those parts where the probability is high... and that is usually only a very short time frame... I like to embrace chaos and change... Just live it... 
I love Slideshare and today found the inspirational presentation you see below... enjoy...