Kick Off 2008

It's already a week in February and finally the first post of the year. I've already been 3 weeks on the road this year.. and for a strange reason I'm not able to write from a hotel room. Travel on the other hand is also a good inspiration source.... a new environment helps to see things differently.. and travel often involves a lot of waiting... what are good moments to put your thoughts in order.

Many of the things I've been working on are related to community and social computing in a business environment. The success of Social networking in the consumer space is evident, but many, me inclusive, are still searching how this can be beneficial in business software.
Lets put it like this... Social Networking makes the web more social... and thus a better place... Business Software will transform to Business Services, preferably hosted in the social and better web...

... I will more regularly update on the topic..

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