Microsoft (Netherlands) - ISV innovation day

Today I visited a Microsoft information day for ISV's. I expected full focus on Vista and Office 2007, because the Vista consumer launch being so close. But I was pleasantly surprised that it was not about the Vista and Office features at all. In short there were just 3 key messages:
  • Search
    • Priority of the customers (Information workers spend 20-30% of their time searching for information).
    • Microsoft needs it (Enterprise Search) to get market share for SharePoint, what in return drives Office 2007 (due to the tight integration).
    • Will be pushed by creating awareness for search.
  • User Experience
    • Using the right optimized tool for the right job.
    • Features don't make the difference. It's emotion and efficient use.
    • AJAX was the center piece and surprisingly not Windows Presentation Foundation.
  • Office Business Applications
    • Of course with an ISV audience this has to be the center piece for Office 2007, because it helps Microsoft selling more Office 2007, and if possible also SharePoint.
    • There are of course some user experience improvements in Office 2007, but do they justify the migration?
    • Applications add value.. so they make it more likely for customers to upgrade..

An interesting day... but I missed the Vista excitement with the Microsoft employees... May be they are just happy it's 'over' now... ;-)

Nordic Film festival 2007

This time of the year my girlfriend and I always organize a small film festival for our friends. We show some Nordic films, because Scandinavia is what links us friends...

We always make a big deal about it... the living gets rebuild to a real cinema ;-) It's fun and today we made the invitations...

Best wishes for 2007

After the traditional new year dip in the see... 2007 has for me officially started. No new years resolutions, because they can't be kept... but this time of the year is always a good moment in time to think about the past and future... What was good, what went wrong.... and what can be done to make 2007 a better year... Writing here today might be a signal of what to come.
Lets together make 2007 a better year... !