B2B versus B2C

I make Business Software in a Business 2 Business environment, with an end user expecting excellent experiences, because consumer software gives this too. This has never been an issue, because you had work and you had private time. Now the world is changing, the emerge of Web 2.0, Social computing and Social networking are changing the boundaries between professional and private life. I notice this daily in my own behavior but also while making design decisions. It's a constant challenge and it will require a change of thinking... what unfortunately in most cases takes time.... I did however find comfort that I'm not the only one with this challenge. The linked slideshow was inspiring... Enjoy...

Inspired by

The Social Web... the Better Web... Constantly it's on my mind how businesses can also take advantage of the Social Networking and Communities. During several of my searches for the answer I was inspired by the slide shows below

Focus on the End User

A while back I asked the question: For who we build software?. I concluded that in many cases the end user isn't the target audience. Today I run into a AMR Research paper that one third of the CRM implementations fails. The main reason mentioned was lack of end user involvement.

Both points indicate that forgetting the end user is something that comes naturally. Unfortunately this conflicts with high customer satisfaction and reference customer success stories...

This leads to a paradox, sales and implementation focus on decision makers and implementation teams and forget the end user, while the end user is important for reference stories and customer satisfaction that are needed during the sales and implementation.