Microsoft ISV - Platform Strategy Review 2007

The last 2 days I spend a the Microsoft campus for a Platform Strategy Reviews specially designed for ISV's. It was an NDA event and I don't want to get into trouble ;-) but still a few observations:
  • The surface computer is very cool... especially if you see it live in action
  • MS does invest heavily in the cloud, but seems to have difficulties to make choices
  • 64bit is the only way forward.. many next gen. server products will be 64bit only.
  • Office Business Applications, the MS answer for corporate Mash ups, but more likely a way to protect the Office Client
  • Very inspiring presentation on different business models from license, advertisement to subscription and transactions based. It's good to see the MS is learning not to only focus on technology
  • MS on mobility... MS is a complex company, so are their Mobile solutions... see also: Apple iPhone versus HTC Touch

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