Innovation & Business Cases

I work in a creative and inspirational environment that daily produces new innovative ideas. This is great, but also brings 2 challenges
  • Which ideas are worth investments in time and resources? This is usually determined based on gut feeling, combined with the long term company strategy, competitive analysis and end user benefits. This is not an exact science, it's often a risk, but as a 'Design thinker' I embrace the risk. The real risk is not failing, but it's not trying. The selected ideas now are materialized into concrete concepts and prototypes.
  • How to move ideas from innovation into production? This is a much harder task, because production is all about doing business as usual, avoiding risks and following well defined patterns. Return on the investment, described in a business case is often the source for making decisions. This is absolutely true for product improvements and extensions with a direct link to customer expectation and market demand, but it's different for innovative and possible disruptive ideas. Some people say: sell the idea to the business talking their language! I agree, but this very quickly this leads back to a business case designed to avoid risk. It's much more efficient if the 'Design thinkers' tell a story to convince the business owners to write and take ownership of the business case.

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