Apple iPhone versus HTC Touch

A few weeks ago I bought an Apple iPhone and right from the first second I was impressed. This is a new standard in phones. I always hated smart phones, because they just couldn't do what you really wanted. Now with full Safari on the iPhone this all changed. After I bought the phone that doesn't come with a real manual it took me about an hour to jailbreak and unlock it for my European SIM.

Yesterday I got an HTC Touch, Microsoft's pride for Windows Mobile 6. It's a nice little phone with a good form factor... but it does come with a CD size, 1cm thick manual... and I needed 2 hours to get it to work. The number of options and settings are just too much. Where Apple can fit everything on 1 screen I'm constantly lost on the HTC.

Shortly after these experiences I spoke to someone who also knows both phones... His take on it: Apple is just 3 years ahead... and well in 3 years they will again be 3 years ahead



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