My laptop is back

Sony today returned my laptop.. all working.. The experiment has come to an end. Since I didn't do any travel in the last 2 weeks, it was no problem to be without a laptop... Or even better there was more time in the day to play with my Playstation 3 ;-)

Who needs a laptop?

Well a few days in the experiment and it's going fine.... and yes Google knows everything. Shortly after my previous post Google announces there presentation solution (
What can I ask for next ?

Living without a laptop

Yesterday after my Sony laptop failed and needed repair I decided not to replace it during the repair period.
In the office, at home and in many other places there are computers available. For a while I was already busy storing all information in a web accessible place. This can be the Exact Software corporate information system (Exact e-Synergy), but also several publicly available Web 2.0 applications.
Now a day into the experiment it's going fine, email, calendar, RSS feeds, etc.. no problem... but I did run into a problem when someone asked me for a local stored PowerPoint presentation. So Google.. how far is Presently?

Back from Snowboarding

Plenty of snow, a break from the online world.. and time to catch up with some reading.. In all a good trip ;-) This kind of trips are actually very productive, because of the reading... so why do I actually read?
  • To learn something new. Reading some theory, what others are doing, etc. always gives me a million new ideas.
  • To confirm that I'm doing the right thing. Usually nothing is really new, so there are always others that in a way can confirm what you are doing is right... or at least right in their minds.
Writing this down... may be I need a vacation more often;