Neverrest Experience

After an exciting working week... I just recovered from an excellent weekend with my Exact Software coworkers. A weekend postponed for a while, but well deserved.
First the complements for the organization (Marian, Jo-An, Edgar and Bart), they did an excellent job... The whole group was enthusiastic and not a single negative remark.
The weekend was about teams, groups and collaboration... this already started at the Friday night dinner... were some people had to help out others to get a feed... ;-) There was room for games, but also for the usual bar brawl. Saturday was about the Neverrest experience, great fun.. and explore for yourself. After a long day of, for many unusual, outdoor activity it was noticeable that not everybody can party for a whole weekend anymore ;-)
And even the Sunday morning was in style... forgotten passports, teamwork and an in style quick suitcase exchange at the airport completed the adventure..

The again for everyone who made this possible

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