What to write?

For a while I've been thinking what should be the content of this blog so I can give it some structure, but it's not easy.
  1. If I write too much about my daily work and share too much about our innovation strategy I would definitely piss of my employer. I will not do that, I love my job, it's interesting and motivating.
  2. In an earlier post I wrote about a home 'Movie festival'! Yes, I like movies, but other do much better writing about them. I just enjoy them... and yes the movie festival was again a big success.
  3. One thing I didn't share with you is my Media Center. I'm intrigued by them, because it's the first step of what I believe is going to happen, the PC, TV and Gaming console will all merge into one device. I'm building one, and like so many others I spend hours on forums and review sites to select the components, made a selection, did quite some modding of the different components to get it exactly right.... oh.. well I'm not there yet. When I ever complete the project I will share some details.
  4. Travel, something else I like to do, both for my job as in private... but this shouldn't become a tourist guide to nowhere.
So I haven't figured it out yet... but it will be a mix between some 'public' work related topics as for instance my interest in Web 2.0 and how it will influence the corporations (Hint: I work for a company delivering business solutions software), my Media Center because based on my prediction, soon we all have a PC/TV/Gaming device in our offices.

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