Inpiration in Silicon Valley

Last week I spend for work in Silicon Valley CA. For everybody working in IT I would recommend to spend some time there. Every time when I'm there I can feel the IT buzz going around, it's very inspiring. It's probably the only place where it's cool to be an engineer ;-)
Although the large corporations are in competition with each other, they are also very open about what they are doing at lower levels in the organization. You can easily go a few times a week so some kind of seminar where someone tells about his/her work and achievements. It's seems to me that people are very proud to share their successes.
May be that's the inspirational part, trying to be there the next time and share my achievements ;-)

What to write?

For a while I've been thinking what should be the content of this blog so I can give it some structure, but it's not easy.
  1. If I write too much about my daily work and share too much about our innovation strategy I would definitely piss of my employer. I will not do that, I love my job, it's interesting and motivating.
  2. In an earlier post I wrote about a home 'Movie festival'! Yes, I like movies, but other do much better writing about them. I just enjoy them... and yes the movie festival was again a big success.
  3. One thing I didn't share with you is my Media Center. I'm intrigued by them, because it's the first step of what I believe is going to happen, the PC, TV and Gaming console will all merge into one device. I'm building one, and like so many others I spend hours on forums and review sites to select the components, made a selection, did quite some modding of the different components to get it exactly right.... oh.. well I'm not there yet. When I ever complete the project I will share some details.
  4. Travel, something else I like to do, both for my job as in private... but this shouldn't become a tourist guide to nowhere.
So I haven't figured it out yet... but it will be a mix between some 'public' work related topics as for instance my interest in Web 2.0 and how it will influence the corporations (Hint: I work for a company delivering business solutions software), my Media Center because based on my prediction, soon we all have a PC/TV/Gaming device in our offices.