Microsoft (Netherlands) - ISV innovation day

Today I visited a Microsoft information day for ISV's. I expected full focus on Vista and Office 2007, because the Vista consumer launch being so close. But I was pleasantly surprised that it was not about the Vista and Office features at all. In short there were just 3 key messages:
  • Search
    • Priority of the customers (Information workers spend 20-30% of their time searching for information).
    • Microsoft needs it (Enterprise Search) to get market share for SharePoint, what in return drives Office 2007 (due to the tight integration).
    • Will be pushed by creating awareness for search.
  • User Experience
    • Using the right optimized tool for the right job.
    • Features don't make the difference. It's emotion and efficient use.
    • AJAX was the center piece and surprisingly not Windows Presentation Foundation.
  • Office Business Applications
    • Of course with an ISV audience this has to be the center piece for Office 2007, because it helps Microsoft selling more Office 2007, and if possible also SharePoint.
    • There are of course some user experience improvements in Office 2007, but do they justify the migration?
    • Applications add value.. so they make it more likely for customers to upgrade..

An interesting day... but I missed the Vista excitement with the Microsoft employees... May be they are just happy it's 'over' now... ;-)

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