Aad 't Hart I, Aad 't Hart, live with my girlfriend in historic Delft in the Netherlands. Both private as professional I've a keen interest in new technologies and innovations. After my mechanical engineering studies in the mid 80's I already quickly moved into IT. I've an over 15 years experience in developing innovative software solutions. I work as Technology Research Director for Exact, where I make my passion for innovation reality.

About this Blog

In this blog I will express my vision on technology innovations, primarily in the area of business software and services. These are often the same views that inspire the Exact research teams and future developments.

Why 'aadjemonkeyrock'?

Years ago when I, like so many other engineers, thought I could do UI designs my former boss would always describe them as 'monkey rocks' meaning something very ugly. This quickly gave me the nickname 'aadjemonkeyrock', what later became a very convenient and unique handle for user names and registrations.


The views expressed on this blog are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer.